Julia preggers again?

The auburn-tressed Oscar winner is pregnant with her third child and will give birth next summer. Her pregnancy is somewhat of a surprise since the star, 39, had so much difficulty with her first effort to start a family with cameraman hubby Danny Moder, 37. In November 2004, she gave birth to twins Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia - but only after months of round-the-clock bed rest that followed a scare in which she was rushed to the hospital with false labor.
It's not known how the Georgia-born beauty's pregnancy will affect her latest screen projects. Roberts, who commands up to $25 million per movie, is appearing in Mike Nichols' new flick, "Charlie Wilson's War," and has reportedly signed to do "The Friday Night Knitting Club." But it's likely she'll take some time off, as she did when the twins were born. "It's a joy being domestic. It's something I want and something that makes me very happy," she once told an interviewer.

My wishes for 2007

Watch Lilo get sober.

Never have to see this again!

Watch more of this.

Never miss a gilmorism.

See Martin Scorsesse win an Oscar.

We wish you a Mcdreamy!

Natal em família e algumas prendas que importa destacar..fora a roupa, perfumes e adereços de suprema importância, muito DVD para me entreter nas noites mais frias...E um deles é a Anatomia de Grey...que bom que é admirar um homem destes sempre que me apetecer...Não me canso de falar dos homens bonitos de Hollywood e afins...
Boas Festas a todos!

Out with the old in with the new...

TROY beauty DIANE KRUGER and her actor husband GUILLAUME CANET are to divorce after more than four years of marriage, because their careers leave them no time to see each other.
German Kruger, 29, recently dismissed reports she'd split from her French spouse, insisting they just preferred to live separately as it was healthier for their marriage. (isto é she preferred making the rounds with her boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, the Canadian "Dawson's Creek" actor)
The split is reported to be amicable.

Birthay Boy

Pois é, este belo representante do género masculino faz hoje 43 anos! Custa a acreditar que este adónis seja já um quarentão...my god, todos envelhecemos de facto!mas uns envelhecem bem melhor!hihihihihihi.......


God!!! Não tenho palavras!

Yes sir that's their baby!

Shiloh..A foto promete!

N.B. O coração e o nome não são de minha autoria.

Eh lá!!

Damage Control

"It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends. It's also been 2 years since I've even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a little too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria's Secrets' new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.
I'm just getting started ... Happy Holidays everyone!

Sandy and the Stork

A Sandy Bullock e o seu marido que ganhou fama a pimp up carros na sua Monster Garage vão ser pais!

não há saco!

Lohan was shunned at the glittering affair by other celebs who are tired of her bratty antics and bad work ethic. Overhearing her tirade about Biel's assistant, Will Ferrell turned to DiCaprio, Gore and Affleck and said, "Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?" - setting off laughter. Later, Lohan, with a champagne glass in her hand, tried flirting with Leo, to no avail.

Please, esta mulher não tem explicação...depois mete-se com Leo a achar que tem qualquer tipo de hipótese...eles devem achar que a miúda é ridicula!


Enough with the bangs already!


Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan e Paris Hilton.

New couple?

Pois é, segundo uma fonte directamente chegada de Nova Iorque (como sabem sou super bem relacionada) Jake Gyllenhall anda fascinado com a actriz argentina Mia Maestro e os dois foram vistos em jantarinhos íntimos...será que estamos perante um novo casal do show-business? Ela parece-me estar bem para o querido Jake...falta é confirmar a durabilidade do flirt!

R.I.P. Max

George Clooney’s beloved pot-bellied pig, Max, has passed away. 300-lb Max lived with George in Los Angeles for over 18 years. George told USA Today that he passed away while he was out of town working.