A little Christian Bale love just for Mau Maria....

CB promoting his latest flick ‘Rescue Dawn’.
For the flick, in which he plays a fighter pilot who is captured during the Vietnam War and becomes the only American to ever escape from a Laos prison camp, Christian was forced to endure some tough times and gritty moments.
The movie’s director, Werner Herzog, demanded actors to lose weight in order to look suitably malnourished. Accordingly, Christian shed over 50 lbs for the role. The uncompromising director even had his leading man reportedly chomping down on a bowl of live maggots since there are “too many computer effects in movies these days.”
Christian was accompanied to the New York premiere by wife Sibi, and his ‘Batman’ co-star Heath Ledger. The screen hunks are currently filming together again, with Christian reprising his role as the muscled Caped Crusader and Heath taking on the role of the Joker on the Chicago set of ‘The Dark Knight.’

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